Gathering Storm

I’ve loved storms ever since I was a little girl. My dad liked watching storms so I think I inherited it from him. From as early as I can remember he would stand in the garage with the garage door open watching the sky. I was usually perched on the trunk of the car while he paced oil stained concrete floor, pausing to glance up and smoke his cigarettes.

Stormy sketch I whipped up before I left for work this morning. Seems a boring subject matter but for whatever reason, I really kinda like it.

Gathering Storm


Coming Soon! Prints of Original Paintings

There is a very long list of changes and upgrades in the works for this website, and we are so excited! We will keep you posted as things progress.

In addition, I will continue selling original paintings but I’ve decided that I will also make prints, of original works, available for purchase in the very near future. Buyers can chose to purchase a single print, framed, unframed or in a wrapped canvas format.

This is also a work in progress but I’ll keep you posted as things develop. In the meantime, here are a couple of example of prints made from one of my original oil paintings.

2White-Begonias_art a_artb


Begonias (Sold)




Thirty by twenty stretched canvas. 200.00
With custom made reclaimed frame 350.00

Geraniums and Apples*sold*

20131116_123529-1                                                                                  Geraniums & Apples 36X24, Oil on stretched canvas (not yet dry). Unframed 225.00